The Glen Grant Distillery, based in Rothes and founded in 1840, is a significant Malt Whisky Trail® stop with its legendary history and scenic Victorian Woodland Garden.

During a visit to the Glen Grant distillery visitors can experience a guided tour of the distillery with highlights on the Grant family, including Major Grant, discover the unique production process developed by Glen Grant, and explore the distinctive and inviting gardens set on roughly 22 acres of land.

While the distillery tour is a must for any visitor to the Glen Grant distillery, a true favourite of both locals and visitors alike is the Glen Grant gardens.

The Victorian Woodland Garden area was built up by James Grant himself to celebrate all that nature provides to the whisky making process and incorporates plants brought back from Africa and India by Major Grant during his service to the British Army.

Access to the gardens starts at the visitor centre and opens up to a winding pathway passing through exciting landscapes and notable stopping points. Crossing over a stream, the pathway leads to a collection of notable junctures. The Dram Pavilion is an inviting thatched wooden hut where guests can relax and enjoy the view.

Glen Grant whisky safeAlong the path guests will further discover the cascading waterfall just near the Dram Hut, home to a whisky safe made to keep whisky secured for guests, as well as the Cave where Major Grant kept his private barrels.

A viewpoint is located above the gorge and offers spectacular views of the glen. The entirety of the gardens atmosphere is enhanced with towering trees, luscious lawns, and a number of seating areas along the path.

During your exploration of the Malt Whisky Trail, the Glen Grant distillery and gardens are a terrific destination stop for the entire family to enjoy this summer. Be sure to ask a member of staff if you can enjoy our whisky sample out at the gazebo for a full Glen Grant experience on a sunny day.

For further information on the gardens, how to get to Glen Grant and opening hours – click here

Happy exploring!