The working week is over. You’ve been on top of your game – bossing it from Monday to Friday, working to the bone.

It’s time for a break.

Stop what you’re doing, put those emails away, and leave those weekday cares behind as you head north to the Malt Whisky Trail. One of the best things about finding yourself on a last minute weekend away to the  Trail is just how easily everything can fall into place. Follow our sure fire top tips for a last-dash weekend, and make the most of your hard-earned downtime.

01. Get your digs

We all sleep soundly in different surrounds. Some of us seek out the sumptuous and luxurious. Others look for the warm comfort of a guest house hearth, or even a nice flat piece of ground to pitch a tent. From north to south, Moray Speyside plays host to an array of downy pillows to rest your head while you traverse the Malt Whisky Trail. Check out some suggestions.

02. Keep it simple

The Malt Whisky Trail is a collection of nine sites, which include a museum, working distilleries, and a cooperage. Daunting for one weekend, eh?! You can check out the full range of Malt Whisky Trail sites here.

Our advice? Keep it as simple as possible. Take time to appreciate a select few sites if time is not on your side. Remember – these guys ain’t going anywhere, so take a note of where you’ll explore next time.

03. From coast to glen

The Malt Whisky Trail encompasses the best of Scotland’s landscapes. To the north, you’ll find white sands and dusty dunes. To the south, you’ll drive through thick, ancient forest and over rugged mountain vistas. But this isn’t just a pretty picture – Moray Speyside’s unique mix of landscapes provide an awesome backdrop for outdoor activities to blow away the weekday cobwebs. Check out where you can get active outdoors.