The Malt Whisky Trail is the ultimate Scotch experience. Here, you will find the world’s largest concentration of whisky distilleries. As you explore, you’ll meet the craftspeople who make the whiskies you love. They are the guardians of centuries of knowledge, and you’ll only find them here.

This is the world’s only malt whisky trail, and it’s been around for a pretty long time – almost sixty years, in fact. Now, we’re changing the way people interact with the Malt Whisky Trail, and how we present our special region to the rest of the world.

We’re delighted to present our new digital destination, and share the Malt Whisky Trail with you.

Here, you’ll find a wealth of information about the whisky brand you love – as well as introductions to places you might not have discovered yet. This is Malt Whisky Country, after all, so feel free to use this digital destination to read-up on our national drink. You can learn about how whisky is made, the history of the Speyside region, and how to taste whisky.


Although we’ve tried to pack our new digital site with lots of whisky know-how, nothing can replace the experience of visiting a distillery or cooperage and finding out for yourself – and that’s where the Malt Whisky Trail comes in!

Across the length of the Malt Whisky Trail, you’ll meet the masters who are the guardians of generations of knowledge. Along the way, you’ll also find amazing outdoor activities,  places to shop, things to eat, and people to guide you through it all.

Use this site to plan your time here. By clicking any activity link on our new site, you can create a personal itinerary. Now, it’s never been easier to whittle down your bucket list and do the Malt Whisky Trail.

Welcome to the world’s ultimate Scotch experience.

Come on, let’s explore.