The Malt Whisky Trail Podcast

This is a podcast from The Malt Whisky Trail, the ultimate scotch experience. Home to the world’s largest concentration of Scotch malt whisky distilleries, The Malt Whisky Trail’s® new podcast will showcase the world’s only Malt Whisky Trail®  inviting listeners to uncover the secrets of Malt Whisky Country and get a taste of the very best of Scotland in beautiful Moray Speyside.

The Trail is made up of nine locations including, Benromach, Cardhu, Glen Moray, Glen Grant, Glen ddich, The Glenlivet, Strathisla, Dallas Dhu, and The Speyside Cooperage. The Malt Whisky Trail® podcast will introduce you to the guardians of centuries of know-how and the craftspeople who make the whisky you love. The podcast is hosted by Speyside resident Samantha Staniforth, who works for The Malt Whisky Trail, and originally hails from North Carolina.

Episode Ten

In Episode 10 of The Malt Whisky Trail Podcast, we sit down with Benromach Brand Home Manager, Susan Colville, to uncover how The Benromach Distillery was brought back to life and their secret to creating a classic Speyside single malt. In a word, handcrafted.

Episode Nine

In Episode 9 of The Malt Whisky Trail Podcast, we talk all things Glen Grant with current Master Distiller, Dennis Malcolm, including a run through of the distillery’s history and the innovative owners who made the whisky what it is today.

Episode Eight

In Episode 8 of The Malt Whisky Trail Podcast, we were joined by Grant and Scott Hutchison from popular Scottish Indie Rock Band, Frightened Rabbit, to discuss the longstanding history and influences between whisky and music. We’ll discover some amusing tales during past tours from and exclusive news on what’s coming up next for Frightened Rabbit.

Episode Seven

In Episode 7 of The Malt Whisky Trail Podcast, we will speak with Graeme Cruickshank, Operations Manager, about the history of the Strathisla Distillery. Graeme will uncover Strathisla’s history as being the oldest continually working distillery in the Highlands of Scotland and the significant characteristics throughout the distillery that work together to make the Strathisla sprit the ‘Heart and Soul’ of Chivas Regal.

Episode Six

In Episode 6 of The Malt Whisky Trail Podcast, we speak to whisky consultant, author and founder of World Whisky Day, Blair Bowman. Blair guides us through his introduction to Speyside whiskies, tells us all about his new book – The Pocket Guide to Whisky – and gives us his tips for traveling and making the most of The Malt Whisky Trail.

Episode Five

In Episode 5 of The Malt Whisky Trail Podcast, we experience the history of Dallas Dhu. We will hear from Alasdair Joyce, Steward at Dallas Dhu, as he walks us through the remarkable history of Dallas Dhu and provides a glimpse into the unique surroundings you will experience during your next tour through Dallas Dhu.

Episode Four

In Episode 4 of The Malt Whisky Trail Podcast, we will explore Glen Moray’s newest innovations with Master Distiller, Graham Coull, and uncover what has made Glen Moray a unique Speyside Single Malt for 120 years. Visitor Centre Manager and Assistant Manager, Iain Allan and Emma Ware, will discuss top-tips on how to get the most from a tour at Glen Moray and reveal what goes into some of Glen Moray’s Signature Cocktails and best ways to use the Glen Moray range in at home cocktail experiments.

Episode Three

In Episode 3 of The Malt Whisky Trail Podcast, we feature Glenfiddich’s Artists in Residence Programme, speaking with coordinator Andy Fairgrieve and Canadian artist Lee Henderson, who is taking part in this years programme, and we discuss his upcoming works inspired by spirits and the multiple connotations of the word.

Episode Two

In Episode 2 of the Malt Whisky Trail podcast, we go behind the scenes of the largest independent Cooperage in the UK and hear first hand from General Manager, Andrew Russell and Malcolm Munro, Cooperage Manager, about what it takes to be a whisky master craftsman and a cooper. We’ll hear from Andrew on how wood affects the flavours of whiskies, what makes the Speyside Cooperage unique, and insight into the coopers preparations for their Guinness World Record. Malcolm describes what it takes to learn the ancient craft of coopering and reveals what the age old tradition of ‘blackening’ is.

Episode One

Want to know what an ‘orra loon’ is? Ever wondered what it takes to be a Maltman or Stillman? In our first episode to mark Father’s Day we meet father and son William and Matthew from Dufftown who work at Glenfiddich, home to the world’s most-awarded single malt. Family tradition runs strong at the distillery which was founded in 1886 by William Grant and is currently run by the fifth generation of his family.