Discover the Speyside Cooperage

The Speyside Cooperage is at the epicentre of the whisky industry’s cask manufacturing and management. The centre received casks from all around the world, which in turn make their way to distilleries across Scotland. Each year they make and repair over 100,000 casks – barrels, hogsheads, butts and puncheons.

Speyside Cooperage

Oak is the only wood that can be used to produce casks for wines and spirits as it prevents seepage and allows the contents to breathe without spoiling the flavour.

The art of the cooper takes years to master. The coopers of Speyside build and repair casks from all over the world using only natural materials. Not a drop of glue or a single nail is used. Casks will often be ‘fired’ when they arrive to char the interior, and many will be ex-bourbon, port, sherry, or peated casks which give the whisky the bulk of its unique flavour.

The Five Star award winning Acorn to Cask exhibition will take you on a journey through the lifecycle of the cask, where you will see our coopers at work, still using the traditional methods and tools.  The site also hosts a large gift shop, full of great whisky gifts. Learn what the casks are used for today and see the truly unique and ancient craft of barrel making.

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The cooper's tools