The Distillery

Situated in the whisky town of Dufftown, the Glenfiddich Distillery is home to the world’s most-awarded single malt. The distillery was founded in 1886 by William Grant and is currently run by the fifth generation of his family. Together with his 9 children and a single stonemason, Grant began building his distillery by hand. After a year of work, the distillery stills began production on Christmas day 1887. Grant named his new distillery ‘Glenfiddich’, which is Scots Gaelic for Valley of the Deer.


Glenfiddich produces a range of single malt whiskies and in 1963 became the first distillery to sell single malt scotch whisky outside of Scotland. The distillery continues to push the boundaries of innovation in whisky making today.

Visit Glenfiddich

Retaining its historic character and charm visitors to Glenfiddich Distillery will discover tall copper tuns, great wooden washbacks and stone-walled warehouses filled with earthy, aged aromas.

A range of tours are offered throughout the year, all led by expert guides and featuring a masterclass tasting of at least four different malts. Glenfiddich Distillery also offers a beautiful gift shop and its converted Malt Barn is a fantastic place to sit by the fire and enjoy lunch, or sample your favourite dram from the well-stocked bar.

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