In this week’s Malt Whisky Trail Podcast episode, I go behind the scenes of Glen Moray with Master Distiller Graham Coull and get insider tips from Visitor Centre Manager, Iain Allan, and Assistant Manager, Emma Ware.

Glen Moray is a unique distillery, originally built as a brewery, that’s been producing a range of quality whiskies since 1897. Since its first spirit run, Glen Moray has retained its unique tradition of using a variety of casks, which used to be quite an unusual practice. Today, Glen Moray’s fifth Master Distiller, Graham Coull, continues to experiment with different cask types creating unique and intricate flavour profiles.

One thing for sure is that Glen Moray is a really friendly distillery and you are always made to feel very welcome. As Assistant Manager, Emma, tells us in the podcast, there are lots of things to experience at Glen Moray with a variety of tours offered throughout the day, and importantly, whisky flight tastings which are great fun and you get a real sense of the innovative range of whiskies that their Master Distiller Graham Coull has built a reputation on.

My top tips for visiting would be the ‘‘Bottle Your Own’ corner, where you can bottle and label your very own Glen Moray whisky hand picked by the Master Distiller. And whether you are on a tour of just want to pop by, there is a lovely cafe open all day where you can spoil yourself with a lovely cake and cappuccino.

My tour of Glen Moray really opened my eyes to its history and sense of adventure and innovation throughout the past 120 years. One noteworthy change to look out for during a tour are the two new twin-condenser spirit stills. The unique approach to distillation is a great energy saving method and sets Glen Moray apart from many other distilleries.

You can plan your visit to Glen Moray to explore what this friendly and informal distillery has to offer, during your journey along The Malt Whisky Trail which you can create a personalised itinerary for here: The Malt Whisky Trail Sites

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Samantha Staniforth