This week we are excited to present episode 2 of the Malt Whisky Trail podcast, where we go behind the scenes of the largest independent Cooperage in the UK and hear first hand from General Manager, Andrew Russell and Malcolm Munro, Cooperage Manager, about what it takes to be a whisky master craftsman and a cooper.

We hear from Andrew on how wood affects the flavours of whiskies, what makes the Speyside Cooperage unique, and insight into the coopers preparations for their Guinness World Record which they set earlier this year. Malcolm describes what it takes to learn the ancient craft of coopering and reveals what the age old tradition of ‘blackening’ is.

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In case you didn’t know, the Speyside Cooperage is the largest independent Cooperage in the UK situated in the heart of The Malt Whisky Trail. For ever 70 years Speyside Cooperage has been producing the finest American Oak casks used throughout Speyside and all over the world.

As the only cooperage in the UK with a Visitors Centre, guests can enjoy a journey through the lifecycle of the cask and observe highly skilled coopers at work. With a choice of two tours, Classic Tour or VIP, you can take a look behind the scenes up close at the Coopers and their apprentices as they make and repair casks against the clock. And afterwards you can treat yourself to an ever growing range of barrel crafted product located in the Gift Shop before sitting down to enjoy coffee and a light bite at the barrel themed Coffee Shop.

You can plan your trip to the world record holding Speyside Cooperage here  as part of a Malt Whisky Trail adventure to discover the ultimate Scotch experience in Moray Speyside.

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